Rental Application

Virginia Commons does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, handicap, age, familial status, source of funds, sexual or gender orientation, national origin, military status. All prospective residents will be subject to the following resident selection criteria with expected positive results. Full details are available on page 2 of the apartment rental application.

Qualifying standards:

  1. Identity Verification – A government issued photo identification will be needed from all applicants, co-applicants
  2. Rental History – Rental history may be verified on present and previous residents
  3. Credit and Reference Check – All applicants agree to having a credit and reference check performed, cosigners are not accepted
  4. Income – Applicants must have verifiable gross income/source of funds that exceeds the minimum income requirements set forth for the type of home the applicant wants to rent
  5. All active duty military tenants must provide a copy of their orders, name/phone number of their commanding officer, school assigned and term information (if applicable), and LES information

Occupants:  Occupancy standards are followed by Federal Guidelines of 2 occupants per bedroom

Pet Policy:  Only small pets (under 35 lbs) are permitted – subject to property pet policy. No vicious breed animals are allowed on the property for any reason.

Download ** apartment rental application.

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